Crazy redhead fucks car gearstick

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My student today was Diverse Stacey, a badass looking redheaded woman wearing a leather jacket. Stacey seemed quite stand-offish, scoffing when I showed her the steering wheel and gearstick. Stacey explained with some attitude that she had been driving for 20 years, and was only in the Mean Orange Machine for a mandatory refresher course. Turns out Stacey had been caught speeding while using a vibrator on her pussy, so if she did not pass this course, she would lose her job. She offered to demonstrates what she was doing when she got caught and next thing I knew she was sucking my cock, then taking my gearstick into her pussy! Diversey Stacy squirted on my cock, then swallowed my jizz in exchange for a second lesson. Deal!

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