Lucy La Nouvelle Secretaire

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Dora, a pretty secretary, fits in very well at work and is secretly having a passionate sexual affair with her boss. When she pulls some strings to get her best friend Lucy a job, little does she know that the young woman, who she thought was a good girl, would turn out to be a voracious man-eater who will do anything to get to the top. As a way of meeting the team, Lucy seduces a pretty colleague and then invites the office accountant to join in the introductions, which turns into a steamy threesome near the coffee machine... The boss, quickly spotting the sex-obsessed newcomer, asks her to join Dora for a night of very special negotiations with two clients... Our friends fully intend on giving the best of themselves for the companys success and they let their skirts - and inhibitions - fall in order to nail a very juicy contract... Brilliant in her role as mediator, Lucy will be rewarded by the boss himself, who is thrilled to have found an assistant as dedicated as his beloved Dora!

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Lucy La Nouvelle Secretaire [HDRip 648p 975.11 Mb]

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