Your Pantyhose Fetish Makes you Weak

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You already have a fetish for pantyhose, but in just seven days Im going to intensify your obsession for this sleek and shiny fabric. I will use your fetish to turn you into a more devoted and mindless slave, one who is totally addicted to the sensual pleasures of pantyhose and stockings, and one who utterly worships the pantyhose that his Goddess wears. Each day moving forward you will become more aroused, more stimulated, more titillated by the sensation of the pantyhose rubbing against your body, and especially Your cock. I will perfect your indulgence to this wonderful nylon encasement, as your addiction magnifies into a pantyhose compulsion. you will edge for Me, you will leak precum for Me, you will acknowledge your fetish and surrender it to Me, never again cumming without My permission. Each day your pantyhose addition will grow more and more exciting as your humiliation amplifies under My authority. Turning you into My pantyhose bitch is a huge turn-on for Me. Enhancing your pantyhose fetish makes you weak to My pleasures and thats exactly what I want from a blossoming pantyhose bitch like you.MP4 * 285 MB * 00:33:31 * 1272x720 Jerk off me Watch Online

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