Denial Game for My Birthday Day 4

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Its Day Four! Haha I had such a good time yesterday spending your money and leaving you hanging. It didnt break your bank though, so youre good. As far as you coming or getting to stroke, I dont give a fuck. I had a good time and thats all that matters.As you know, this is a stroke game. An ALL month edging game. I tell you WHEN and HOW to stroke, until then, NOTHING! Well, this time Im feeling a little evil. This is sure to destroy you! I know you cant resist my ass, so Im going to tease you. DO NOT go over the strokes allotted, otherwise you will PAY THE PRICE. Ready?! Remember, the birthday girl always gets what she wants. :)MP4 * 315 MB * 00:07:24 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online

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