Cave Dweller

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The almighty Urban Dictionary say Cave Dweller is a white person whose skin is lacking of pigmentation because they feeble ancestors done took shelter in caves. Dis white bih came straight out da wilderness onto a BPB set for some discipline! The superior Black Man commands her cavernous holes to be spread like Moses n’ the Red Sea. Snowbunny obliges as Brother Rico gives the pale critter somethin bigger n’ better than she used to. Her eyes widen as the BBC slide down her throat n’ in her tight pussy. Cracker manage all 13 inches like my aunt LaTanya at a hot dog eating contest; she not finishin first but she not tappin out either! All said n’ done, despite the Edomites inferior genes, she done a good job, gold star.

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Amara Romani - Cave Dweller (2018/BlackPayBack/FullHD/1080p)

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