Vickys Foot Boy

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Goddess Vicky just how much of a foot freak you are. Completely obsessed by her soles, you would literally sell your soul for one touch of her divine feet. You cant say no when Vickys feet are involved, they send you into such a horny, weak state you can barely remember the day. Saying yes to your Goddess is all you do. Her soft, sensual soles are a religion to you. Aching to worship daily.You try hard to look away, try to convince your self that you like normal porn but its not true. You ALWAYS come back to feet and not any feet but Goddess Vickys. They have such much power of you. What you would do for one sniff, one touch and one lick. Hanging onto every sweet, bitchy word from her lips breaks you down further. All you want in life is to be at your owners feet, being called her foot boy arouses that weak, worthless limp dick so much.MP4 * 91.0 MB * 00:06:06 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online

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