Sissies wear Panties

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You really are a useless excuse of a man. Going to work in your suit, pretending that your normal but as soon as your through that door in the evening that suit is ripped off and you squeeze your sorry little self into a pair of ill fitting frilly panties. That thing hanging between your legs, is a waste of time. To be honest it is no use to anyone or anything and fits perfectly into those satin panties.You having given up any kind of self worth for me, any dignity you did have has well and truly gone out the door. You crave to be the panty wearing, cock sucking sissy slut that you forever have dreamed of. You will live the life of a real sissy as I instruct you just how a sissy jerks a teeny tiny sissy clit like yours! You long to look hot like me but that is never going to happen you will just look stupid for me in your panties.MP4 * 158 MB * 00:05:36 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online

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