Feminization of a Co Worker

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Were both up for a promotion our job and have to battle it out for the position. But you and I both know whos superior here. You disappear from work for a while and no one knows where you are...except for me.I lock you in a basement where I make you my slut and whore. I force you to wear pretty panties while you worship me. I know you love being submissive, this is what you want. You are going to turn the position down for me, understand? I have photos of you in thongs, and heels now, and if you dont listen to me, I WILL expose your sissy ass! Get on your knees now and suck my strap on, I bet your mouth is watering, whore! Im taking photos of this too, ah this is too good, maybe Ill keep you down here forever! Youre going to stay here where Ill own you and spend all of your savings, you have no use for it now. Everyone will wonder where youve gone, little do they know, you belong to ME.MP4 * 467 MB * 00:15:38 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online

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